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Rate this post is a pacman style .io game at offers a breeze on the traditional Pacman arcade game. As opposed to controlling Pacman, you control a crab, and instead of doing combating apparitions, you fight diverse players!

The level outlines are relative as the first and you should move your crab through the maze to accumulate stars and shrimp. Shrimp essentially add to your general score, however stars augment your speed bolster bar. Using your space bar, you can give your crab a short speed help – this lift as mentioned recoups as you assemble stars.

Adjacent to the speed enable, you to can similarly play out a charge attack using the Z key to endeavor and annihilation repudiating player’s crabs. Finally, you can use the X key to activate a shield that shields you from enemy player’s charge strikes.

This game is a store of fun and as more player’s join the battle, the gameplay winds up obviously phenomenal! Would you have the capacity to lead as the crabman champion?

Controls :

Arrow keys to move

Space bar to boost speed

Z to attack

X to defend