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Rate this post is a mod version of game. is a game entryway in which you can get to a few unique versions of a zombie end of the world. Each game version has an alternate topic, for example, Christmas, Halloween and Two Houses.

When you have picked a version you enter the game as a solitary character and should help protect your quick region against the zombie risk.

You should gather nourishment to survive and you can likewise discover weapons to shield yourself with against the assaulting zombies. Make sure to blockade each entryway and utilize extensive items to close any holes in your protections – your character can be utilized to push against boundaries to hold them set up.

With the nourishment you gather you can buy updates and things including a slugging stick and a crowbar! To what extent would you be able to get by against the looming end of the world?

Controls :

To move, press WASD or arrow keys

To grab, press left mouse button

To pick up item, press right mouse button

To drop item, press G