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Slash Arena

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Slash Arena is a .io shooting game at Enter the arena an endeavor to slash and hack your adversaries in the phenomenal Slash Arena. Amid this game you enter an arena and must battle to the demise by swinging your tremendous weapon. Prior to the fight, you can update your characters weapon and protection utilizing the cash you pick up from each battle. You can likewise pick new weapons and defensive layer, and open all the more effective characters as your advance.

The gameplay of Slash Arena is basic yet you should utilize your shrewdness and methodology to outmaneuver your rivals. When swinging your weapon you move slower and your vitality channels. Consider this precisely and attempt to abstain from being hit by discharging your hatchet and moving quicker.

Scattered around each level you can discover a large group of sustenance and things – these give you wellbeing and jolts of energy so make sure to gather bounty! As you step up the fights wind up noticeably harder, however you likewise open all the more effective weapons so you can in any case contend. Would you be able to vanquish the slash arena and turned into a battling legend?

Controls :

WASD to move

Left and right arrow to swing left or right

Left click to swing