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Strike Tactics

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Strike Tactics is a .io war game at Strike Tactics is a phenomenal RTS program game using a science fiction world together with lovely designs and testing gameplay. This game components both PvE where you can enhance your abilities and get to holds with the gameplay and PvP where you can test your aptitudes against different players progressively online fights.

The tech tree of Strike Tactics is very much created and you can control an extensive wide range of units, each with exceptional capacities and weapons. This game uses conventional RTS components, for example, asset reaping, base building and unit creation, and brings quick paced connecting with gameplay that will keep you engaged for a considerable length of time.

Vehicles incorporate float tanks, automated walkers and colossal ships, each of which can be separately controlled. Beside the epic gameplay, there is additionally a guide maker, and web based games can be shared basically by duplicating and sticking the URL!

Controls :

Left click to do various actions

Arrow keys to move the camera