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Rate this post is a new strategy .io game at is a new .io game at is a one of a kind .io game in which you should develop a base, oversee assets and battle for success against different players on the web.

This game elements a straightforward interface and gameplay yet has itemized 3D maps and game mechanics that will keep you intrigued for quite a long time. Browse three diverse beginning factions – each of which have their own play style and livens. Next you should pick a base city – the diverse sorts of city likewise offer one of a kind rewards relying upon your favored play style.

The game rotates around the assets of vitality and matter – these two assets can be gathered utilizing extractors and can be utilized to buy updates, new structures and military units. Deal with your assets precisely and overhaul you structures to enhance your innovation.

When you are prepared, begin to assemble an armed force to battle against alternate players, and bear in mind to utilize your exceptional abilities that can help you in the midst of need. Take to the war zone and play the awesome RTS today!


Left click to do various action

Right click to order a unit to move